Evans Block in Lake Mary

At the southeast corner of Country Club Rd and Crystal Lake Ave in Lake Mary, Frank Evans built this two-story building in 1926. The bricks were salvaged from the general store of Axel E. Sjoblom that previously sat at this main downtown intersection of Historic Lake Mary.

Dr. O. J. Miller’s Drug and Sundry Store was an original 1926 occupant, popular for decades as the best place to get ice cream, soda, or a float.

The photo above was colorized from the original photo from the 1950s. Ruth Milstead operated a grocery store here until June 3, 1957. It was then purchased by Otis Sjoblom. It was called Home Supply Grocery during that era, which was a chain.

During the 1970s and 80s, it was run by Betsy Barley and family as Barley and Sons Grocery. Over the years, it has housed the post office, grocery stores (Home Supply, IGA, Barley & Sons), real estate offices, barbershop, church, flooring store, bike shop, jeweler, and a clothing store.

The photo above us from 2019.

Zoomed in, showing the sale of homemade ice cream (“Florida’s Finest”), Royal Crown Cola, and beef for 69 cents a pound.

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