Florida Historian Hall of Fame

These are folks that I admire for their contributions. Who am I missing? Help me add to the list!


Writers that have published written-word-first (not photo-first) books that are either prolific in number or have significant historical value.

  • Jerrell H. Shofner
  • Kena Fries
  • Richard Lee Cronin
  • Albert DeVane
  • Canter Brown, Jr.
  • Pleasant Daniel Gold
  • Christine Kinlaw-Best
  • Arthur E. Francke
  • Gilbert King
  • Louise K. Frisbie
  • Allen Altvater
  • Zora Neale Hurston
  • Nancy Dale
  • Horace J Fenton
  • Dale Cox
  • William Fremont Blackman
  • Edgar L’Heureux Jr.


Prolific journalists that wrote meaningful long-running history columns.

  • Al Burt – Miami Herald
  • Jim Robison – Orlando Sentinel, “Seminole’s Past”
  • Teresa Stein – Tampa Tribune, “Heartland Heritage”
  • Joy Wallace Dickinson – Orlando Sentinel, “Florida Flashback”
  • Nancy Vickers Pyle – Highlands News-Sun
  • D. B. McKay – Tampa Tribune, “Pioneer Florida”


Creators of written-word-oriented online Florida History content that are prolific, substantial, and original research.


This is not for great teachers but for teachers who have contributed significant original research or curated or created important written or oral histories libraries.

  • James M. Denham – Florida Southern College, Lawton M. Chiles Jr. Center for Florida History, McKay Archives