Oviedo, Florida’s history stretches back to after the Civil War, when settlers seeking a fresh start arrived in 1875. Initially known as the Lake Jesup Settlement, it wasn’t until 1879 that the community adopted its current name, inspired by the Spanish heritage of Florida.

Early Oviedo thrived on agriculture, particularly citrus and celery. Farms flourished, and transportation relied heavily on steamboats and smaller vessels docking at the Mitchell and Wharf dock. The town slowly grew, incorporating as a city in 1925 with a population of around 800.

Today, Oviedo has transformed into a bustling suburban city with a population exceeding 40,000. While its agricultural roots remain evident in historical landmarks, Oviedo has embraced growth. The proximity to the University of Central Florida and the Central Florida Research Park has fueled development, making Oviedo an attractive place to live and work.

39,580 (2022)