Levy County

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Levy County, Florida, wears its history on its sleeve, showcasing a rich tapestry woven from the threads of Florida’s post-Seminole War era. Established in 1845, just a week after Florida’s official entry into the union, Levy County became the state’s 27th county. Its namesake, David Levy Yulee, was a prominent figure in Florida’s early years. Interestingly, Yulee’s wife wasn’t a fan of his original name, David Levy, leading to the official adoption of David Levy Yulee.

The county’s early days involved a bit of a name-changing saga. Levyville, the first county seat, was initially known as “Sodom” by locals. Needless to say, this caused enough concern that the county commission decided a change was in order. “Mount Pleasant” was their first attempt, but it didn’t stick. Eventually, “Levyville” prevailed. However, the desire for a more central location led to a vote in 1869, and Bronson officially became the county seat.

Levy County’s economic engine has always been fueled by its natural resources. Timber, fishing, and agriculture, particularly cattle ranching, were the cornerstones of the county’s early development. The 20th century brought a shift towards citrus production, which flourished for a time. Today, Levy County offers a beautiful blend of past and present. Historical sites and museums stand as testaments to its rich history, while a growing eco-tourism industry capitalizes on the stunning natural beauty and abundant wildlife Levy County has to offer.