Circle this one on your Florida map! Sebring, established in 1912, boasts a unique circular design envisioned by its founder, George E. Sebring. This Ohio industrialist dreamt of a community centered around a circular park, with roads radiating outwards like spokes on a wheel. The town’s official charter came a year later, and by 1921, Sebring became the designated county seat for the newly formed Highlands County.

The mid-1920s witnessed a boom, fueled by the Florida land boom, and Sebring developed into a bustling hub for agriculture and commerce. Architectural remnants from this era grace Sebring’s historic district, designated on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, Sebring continues to thrive, attracting visitors with its historic charm, renowned Sebring International Raceway, and scenic location on the shores of Lake Jackson.

City on the Circle

11,087 (2021)

Founded by George Sebring in 1911