Hardee County

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Hardee County’s history is a tale of resilience and agricultural bounty. The land’s story begins much earlier, with indigenous people inhabiting the area for thousands of years. Recorded European presence started in the mid-1800s with the establishment of a short-lived trading post on Paynes Creek. Tragedy struck when the post was attacked, leading to the construction of Fort Chokonikla for protection.

Fast forward to 1921, and Hardee County emerged as a distinct entity. Carved from the larger DeSoto County, it was named after Cary A. Hardee, the then-governor who signed the act. Wauchula became the county seat, and agriculture took center stage. The rich soil proved ideal for citrus fruits, cattle ranching, and other agricultural pursuits, making Hardee County a prominent producer. This agricultural legacy continues to define the county today.

One significant event that impacted Hardee County was Hurricane Charley in 2004. The powerful storm caused widespread damage, but the community persevered and rebuilt. Today, Hardee County offers a glimpse into Florida’s agricultural heartland, with a rich history waiting to be explored.

25,869 (2024)
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